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Body SKin Peeling Solution

Price:$ 23.00/kilo
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Specification:Body Skin Peeling Solution
- To peel off rough, dry, worn-out skin all over the body( neck, elbows, legs and other parts of the body needed to be peeled) Thus giving the body skin a chance to look years younger looking.

Pre caution:
- Do not use S.K. Body Skin Peeling Solution for facial skin peeling.
- Do not apply S.K. Body Skin Peeling Solution on raw areas, open lesions or on irritated skin.
- Avoid sea foods and alcoholic beverages during treatment.
- Refrain from scratching if itchiness occurs.
- For external use only.

Company Contact
Name:Ms. Darlene Bugnot [Marketing]
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Mobile Number:Mobile number of Ms. Darlene Bugnot at pasig
Phone Number:Phone number of Ms. Darlene Bugnot at pasig
Address:7 saturn st. greenland village, rosario
pasig 1609
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